Webinar: Marketing During & After COVID-19

Written by
Bill Doane
| April 8th, 2020

About this Event

The Coronavirus pandemic has all but halted the economy.  

How you manage your digital presence during this trying time will enable you to survive and ultimately thrive. As a marketing agency with 15 years in business, Aptitude has helped many organizations navigate the treacherous sea of marketing. While the current economic situation is uncharted for most businesses, the way marketing decisions are made is not. 

The questions all businesses are trying to answer today are the same. Should we cut marketing budgets or double down? Should we cease all advertising? What, if any, marketing initiatives should we focus on? Should sales teams still take calls if operations have come to a standstill? These are all crucial questions our team hopes to shed light on. 

Join the panel from Aptitude Digital as we discuss actions you can take right now to keep your business relevant during COVID-19 and be positioned for success after.

Date & Time

Thurs, April 08, 2020



COVID 19 Marketing Checklist.pdf

A recording our the webinar presentation on Marketing During and After COVID-19