Free Printable PDF Coronavirus Signs

Written by
Bill Doane
| July 15th, 2020

Months have passed since our message to you in March on the changes we were undertaking to allow our staff to work remotely during the first wave of COVID in Nova Scotia.

Since that time, we adapted successfully to the demands and challenges of continuing to work as teams even physically separated. We set up many new, regular virtual meetings so we could stay connected in plans and in spirit. We even brought new team members on board during this time who had never even seen our office or had the privilege of meeting their colleagues face to face.  

By the end of May, all of Nova Scotia was starting to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel. Government restrictions on groups and gatherings were relaxing. Bubbles were forming. Nova Scotia was proud: We had more than flattened the curve, through months of heavy sacrifice of our businesses and personal lives, we had nearly eliminated COVID-19.  

When June arrived, we decided we could safely and cautiously return to our office space. We developed a list of procedures and policies, following Government guidelines. We set up sanitation spaces and limited the capacity of smaller gathering spaces. We have a restricted schedule of “in office” time so we can control the number of people here any given day.  

Because we could, we designed a series of signage that we could post throughout our space to provide the visual cues we sometimes need as reminders. We are forming all new habits now.  

The signs are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves, so we thought … hey … why not share them with the world! The signs were created and sized for 8.5” x 11” paper for easier office printing. Please feel free to download the PDF and print any of the signs you like and/or need, so that you too can make your workplace safer.

Download COVID-19 Office Signage PDF